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Cendrowski Selecky (CS) is a CPA firm specializing in tax and business consulting. Formed in 1983, the firm has earned a reputation for providing innovative and responsive tax and operational recommendations to large, diverse organizations as well as private business owners. Although the firm is best known for its real estate expertise, it has significant experience in performing business valuations, assisting clients in tax controversies, consulting for closely-held businesses, and providing litigation support.

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07.21.11 Harry Cendrowski and Walter McGrail author "Two Options for Tax Whistleblowers". The article compares whistleblower provisions of the Dodd-Frank Act with those contained in the Internal Revenue Code and demonstrates that, in most instances, tax whistleblowers will prefer to report issues to the Internal Revenues Service rather than the Securities and Exchange Commission.

12.01.10 John Alfonsi and Walter McGrail author "Taxation of Pass-through Entities". The article discusses income tax rules that apply to partnerships, multiple-member LLCs, S-corporations and, to some extent, REITs and RICs.

10.27.10 Harry Cendrowski and Adam Wadecki author "How Proper Incentives and Governance Create Long-Term Value." The article discusses the primary components of executive compensation plans, and the manner in which these components vary by the stage and maturity of an organization."

06.4.10 Harry Cendrowski and Jim Martin author "Proper Handling of Internal Investigations: Lessons from infoGroup" for the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD). The article provides guidance for board members and audit committees regarding the conduct of internal investigations. It also provides detailed lessons learned from a recent SEC investigation of an audit committee chairman for his conduct in an internal investigation.

01.15.10 John Alfonsi and Walter McGrail author, "Partnerships and S Corporations: Not All Flow-Through Entities are Created Equal," in the January/February 2010 issue of The Value Examiner.